The River And Me
By WhoIsDeydzi

In 2021 Deydzi’s mother sent him footage of the damage done by marine erosion. The People of Fuvame who lost their land to the sea in 2016 and had to move to Agorkordzi now have to move again because the sea is now swallowing Agorkodzi. Currently, the sea has dumped debris cutting our corner of the river off from the route to Ada, and we are now seeing a new estuary opened where Fuvame used to be and the seawater is flowing into the sealed part of the river. All that stands between the people and the sea is the river and the rapidly eroding stretch of land between the sea and the river.

This film captures the realities that the people in this area are facing with the changes in their environment and the threat it poses on their livelihood. The film explores the questions; what are the human activities in the area contributing to the rapid growth of this ecological crisis? What can be done by individuals to remedy the situation?

Dodzi Korsi Aveh, known in Creative circles as WhoIsDeydzi is a Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist who tells stories through Spoken word poetry, hip-hop, Theatre, film and paint. He is regarded as an eccentric performer that has captivated audiences through numerous thrilling performances across the genres he expresses himself in. He Completed University of Ghana in 2019, with a B.A. degree in Theatre arts and English Language. He created two short films Green Green Grasses and Plasticism. Dodzi is currently pursuing an MA Theatre Arts Degree in at the University of Ghana where he researches performance as an unorthodox archive under the Imagining Futures from un/archived pasts Fellowship.