Impossible Is Just A Feeling
Imagine a future where the beach is clean and the waters clear. A future where fishing nets catch fish, and not trash. A future without discarded clothes washing up along the banks of our rivers, burning on our roadsides, or towering over the homes of thousands of people at the place once regarded as a sacred lagoon. A future where the Korle Lagoon is swimmable…

With the stage set by decades of Waste Colonialism and centuries of extractive and exploitative global trade, this future may seem impossible, but it is the future we are working toward. It is the future we must work toward, breaking down the impossible into its constituent parts, one stroke at a time.

We are excited to launch the Agbetsi Living Water Swim, a month-long exploration of the Volta River System that gives life to millions of people in Ghana and throughout West Africa.

Yvette Tetteh, an athlete, creative, agribusiness entrepreneur and a Board Member of The Or Foundation, will swim 450km of the Volta River from Buipe to Ada, or roughly 4-6 hours of swimming per day for a month, taking water samples and engaging communities along the way. In addition, 12 storytellers have prepared stories following along the route of the swim to shine a light on the challenges and the joys facing some of the communities who make their home along the Volta.

What does a swim have to do with textile waste and the future we’re working to create? Watch our interview with Yvette to find out. And if you are in Ghana, tune into our media partner GTV Ghana over the coming weeks to track the expedition's progress.

The future of the Volta’s water may well represent the future we choose to create.


Yvette Tetteh
She/Her/Hers | Swimmer/Activist/Expedition Lead

JayJay Addo-Koranteng
He/Him/His | Captain

Ofoe Amegavie
He/Him/His | Documentarian

Edwin Dzobo
He/Him/His | Science Lead and Comms Manager

R/V The Woman Who Does Not Fear

The Woman Who Does Not Fear

The Woman Who Does Not Fear is a 36 foot aluminum solar powered catamaran custom built in Tema, Ghana by Benlex Marine Systems. As the first of her kind research vessel, The Woman Who Does Not Fear brings together technology from Elco Motors, Super B Batteries, Global Guide Systems and Translight Solar, in order to run without burning fossil fuels. The research vessel features a science laboratory for water and air sample analysis and the capacity to sleep four people indefinitely. After the Agbetsi Living Water Swim Expedition, The Woman Who Does Not Fear will be deployed in service of The Or Foundation's groundbreaking research along the coast of Accra to map ocean textile pollution.

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