By Beasts & Numbers (Six and Jags)

This is a creative short where we blur the lines between real life events and actual acting. The Water is a metaphor for the host of conditions that are ‘seemingly’ beyond the control of the people but hold them back irregardless whilst outsiders profit immeasurably and the conditions of the water breakdown simultaneously. It is also a metaphor for the factors that stunt the growth of some children in the Volta Region such as, but not limited to, child labour.

There will be some moments that seem very natural, but are scripted. While there are moments that seem very scripted but are not. For us, this is a commentary on how events in life usually happen, especially in relatively impoverished places. The fact that this whole story is narrated by outsiders who have never lived in the Volta region or lived in conditions similar to those of the people who live in the most negatively affected parts of it are elements that are not lost on us. Hence, the narrator often breaks character & sometimes breaks the fourth wall. We also play with the pronouns in the narration because we believe that, in these situations, separating the people is only detrimental.

Is she doing this to be self aware? Or is she doing this because she’s breaking up while telling her own story? This is for her, and the audience, to decide.

Jags and Six
He/Him/His; She/Her/Hers
Jags and Six are filmmakers and photographers based in Ghana. They have directed music videos for a portfolio of international artistes, as well as created fashion films and Assistant Directed on a German miniseries.